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World Haptic Conference 2013

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IEEE World Haptic Conference 2013
14th - 17th April, Daejeon, Korea


The IEEE WHC 2013 will offer opportunities to share the most up-to-date scientific discoveries and innovative products. The ultimate objective is to advance our field of haptics through networking among academia, industry, and affiliated specialists; and to build mutual understanding among colleagues from all over the world.

The scientific program will provide participants with opportunities to exchange the latest information, ideas, and experiences in the field of haptics. Your important contributions of papers and poster presentations, as well as active participation in workshops, will make the event even more fruitful. Invaluable instructional lectures, workshops and tutorials will be offered from outstanding haptic experts.

A special industry session will be organized for this conference. Global IT leaders will share their recent findings as well as business insights through the industry session and exhibition.



1st March Early registration