The Active Project

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Management Structure

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The project management structure includes:



  • Project Coordinator (PC) (CO1-POLIMI)

The Project Co-ordinator (PC), represented by Prof. Giancarlo Ferrigno. He will be responsible for the overall management, communication and co-ordination of the entire research and development project, under the EU-Contract and the ACTIVE Consortium Agreement.

  • Project Manager (PM)

The PM will support the PC as a proxi in the performance of his tasks. Furthermore, the PM will play a complementary role in the scientific coordination of the partners across a widely heterogeneous Consortium, to prevent problems related to the communication or lack of coordination and, when necessary, to envisage solutions.

  • Project Co-ordination Committee (PCC)

The PCC consists of the PC, seconded by the Project Manager, the Technological Manager, the Exploitation Manager and the Clinical Manager (see below), and one representative from each partner. It will meet at least yearly in a one-day face-to-face meeting and if necessary every six months by conference call.

  • Work Package Leaders (WPL)

For each individual work package, a Work Package Leader is appointed. WPLs organization have been chosen on the basis of their specific expertise and their multiannual experience of team work at international level. They are CO1 POLIMI, P2 CNR-ITIA, P3 IMPERIAL, P4 KIT, P12 RENISHAW. WPLs will manage and monitor the progress of the tasks of their WP through a continuous intermediation with the Task Leaders.

  • Technological Manager (TM) (P2-CNR-ITIA)

The TM, Lorenzo Molinari Tosatti (P2 CNR-ITIA), will be responsible for the technological choices, arbitrating the preliminary phase related to choice conflicts and proposing to the PCC corrective actions when required. Moreover, he will establish and assess technological success criteria and cooperates with the EM in the management of the IPR issues.

  • Exploitation Manager (EM) (P12-RENISHAW)

The EM, Mathew Stratton (P12 RENISHAW), will co-ordinate and synchronize the exploitation activities of ACTIVE Consortium such as the coordination and preparation of the project exploitation plan. He will be also involved in the management of IPR issues facilitating and promoting patenting and cooperating with P13 MEDIMATON. The EM will identify, contact and invite to ACTIVE meetings small-medium and large companies in the areas of medical robotics, biomedical technology and pharmaceutical sciences that could be potentially interested in exploiting ACTIVE technology. The EM will interact with the Industrial Advisory Board.

  • Clinical Manager (CM) (P9-DDEP)

All the activities implying clinical and consequently ethical issues will be monitored and supervised by the CM, Dr. Lorenzo Bello (P9 DDEP). Where needed, the CM will also side the TM in the requirement and specification trade off. He will be the main communication channel between the Consortium and the EAB.

  • Industrial Advisory Board – Exploiters (IAB)

An Industrial Advisory Board will be established in order to monitor project developments and to facilitate the access of ACTIVE project’s results to the wide industrial community. It will encompass ACTIVE industrial partners and representatives of external companies of the field.

  • External Advisory Board – End users (EAB)

The EAB will participate to the development of ACTIVE activities, for the definition of clinical requirements of the robot, and will analyze possible application in the clinical environment. It will be a reference body for the PCC giving advises on ethical issues arising in the project (i.e. privacy, data protection, sensitive data about health, and other ethical considerations).


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