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fMRI - EEG database of epileptic seizure

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fMRI - EEG database of epileptic seizure

The database contains two types of recordings collected as part the ACTIVE project at Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (TASMC) Israel.

The first set is an FMRI dataset including language FMRI testing and anatomical MRI that were part of a machine learning language lateralization project. These patients have also undergone the invasive WADA test for language lateralization. The second set is EEG-fMRI recording for the detection of the epileptic network. This dataset includes both EEG and fMRI recordings, recorded simultaneously and anatomical MRI. This dataset also includes the markings of at least one trained epileptologist specifying the timings in which the epileptologist found epileptic activity. Both datasets were collected from epilepsy patients candidates for neurosurgical resection of their epileptogenic foci.

In the following file you can find the description of the database:

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