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European Robotics Week 2012

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European Robotics Week 2012

26th November - 2nd December 2012


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The European Robotics Week offers one week of various robotics related activities across Europe for the general public, highlighting growing importance of robotics in a wide variety of application areas. The Week aims at inspiring technology education in students of all ages to pursue careers in STEM-related fields, i.e. science, technology, engineering and math.

There is a lot going on in Europe during the European Robotics Week: school visits with lectures on robotics, guided tours for pupils, open labs, exhibitions, challenges, robots in action on public squares. T
The participating companies, universities and research centres come up with interesting programs to bring their robots and organisations to the attention of the public educating them on how robotics impacts society, both now and in the future.

It's time to show the general public what robotics is all about and what important role robots play in Europe!

Events are organised locally (by scientists, labs, teachers, schools, robotics engineers, robot makers etc.), but centrally listed and co-promoted. The euRobotics Coordination Action (in particular EUnited Robotics) is acting as the central coordinator. They are supported through national coordinators who are promoting the idea among their national networks and communities.

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