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Results - Epileptogenic Zone Automatic Identification

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Identification of the epileptogenic network in patients with focal cortical dysplasia

The leading role of the lesional zone may account for the good post-surgical outcome of patients with type II focal cortical dysplasia as resecting the dysplasia removes the epileptogenic zone responsible for seizure organization. Furthermore, our ļ¬ndings strongly suggest that advanced signal processing techniques aimed at characterizing brain networks could improve the pre-surgical evaluation of patients with focal epilepsyWe developed and validate a method to study complex brain networks from intracranial EEG signals (STEREO-EEG) in order to automatically identify the Epileptogenic Zone. This techniques have been applied to a group of patients with type II Focal Cortical Dysplasia, who underwent epilepsy Surgery. Our results showed that the focal dysplasia indeed acts as the initial generator of the ictal activity, presenting an abnormal pattern of connectivity, evident also in EEG activity far from seizures (Varotto et al., Neuroimage 2012).
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