The Active Project

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Results - System Behavior Supervisor

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System Behavior Supervisor


Inside the Active project, the management of the incoming events from both sensors or users and the correspondent transitions in the architecture behavior are handled by a software supervisor module, called System Behavior Supervisor (SBS). The main purpose of the SBS is to act as a component aware of the workflow and of the status of each component of the architecture, letting the surgeon able to interact with the whole system.

At startup it is possible to choose the current procedure to be performed, loading the corresponding finite-state machine in the OSM component. The default interaction of the user with the system is through the next step button, which executes the predefined transitions in the pre-defined workflow. Both the current and the next step are shown to the user. At every moment of the procedure it is possible to request a deviation from the current workflow, pressing one of the button on the right side of the interface. Each workflow deviation needs to be acknowledged by the surgeon and the reprise it is possible through the next step button pressing.

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